Hello Covid19 – An Abuser and a Friend…

Firstly, I want to start with compassion for those you have taken – did you need to be so cruel ? You have caused pain and grief beyond, gaps for love ones that will never be filled. You have placed fear in people’s hearts causing distress as you invisibly traumatise and cause secondary trauma from those whom were already isolated and suffering mentally and physically, you attack the vulnerable and represent a perpetrator. 

But of course, you have bought utter confusion too, offering moments of beauty where we can see much space for our planet to heal, wildlife is thanking you, allowing resilience for us as humans to be inspired as we slow down and have time to be creative. You are allowing space for us to reconnect, appreciating love, laughter, connection in meaningful ways. As we begin the clear up process of your conflicting impacts, I know the need to ground myself with the uncertainly of what you may bring next. But I also want to say thank you for slowing me down and experiencing the world in a very different way. I am pleased to say after experiencing you for a few months, I am no longer ambivalent with you, I am clear when I say, I hate you and I love you…I have choices and this is a healing process. 

Post by Sadie Cissell Counsellor/Supervisor/Trainer at Into The Light