Training: Seminars on sexual abuse

Training on how we can effectively support those who have been sexually abused

Seminar on Sexual Abuse Recovery

“Supporting Others And Growing Ourselves”

This seminar is available for organisations, counselling services and social and care groups as a whole or half day course – or can be tailored for individual requirements. The seminar provides a foundation in understanding the core issues around sexual abuse and how we can effectively support those who have suffered abuse.


Aims of the Seminar:

  • Gain knowledge and skills to help clients who have experienced sexual abuse
  • Gain information on shame, anger, powerlessness, betrayal and sexual ambivalence
  • Gain insight into styles of relating from this client group
  • Pass on information gained to clients where appropriate
  • Identify own feelings in order to set them aside to focus on client



How I came into the Work


Facts and Figures:

  • Statistics on sexual abuse in the UK
  • Impact on our society
  • Demonising of abusers


The Bitter Taste Of Shame:

  • Why survivors carry shame the shame of the abuser
  • How shame affects relationships
  • Helping clients displace the shame


Help for Flashbacks:

  • What flashbacks are
  • Different kinds of memories
  • Helping clients with grounding techniques


Understanding and Processing Anger:

  • How we can help clients understand their anger
  • When Time Outs help
  • From rage to constructive anger


The Function of Contempt :

  • Why clients often are filled with self contempt
  • How other centred contempt comes out
  • Scale of self contempt and easing a way out


Powerlessness and Rebuilding Boundaries:

  • Why clients can be re-victimized
  • Why clients seek to control
  • Helping build good boundaries


Sexual Ambivalence and Confusion:

  • Causes of ambivalence
  • Intrusion of past memories
  • Helping clients reclaim sexuality


From Betrayal and Trust:

  • The outworking of the damage of betrayal in relationships
  • Suspiciousness and Hyper-vigilance
  • Helping re-build trust


Confrontation and Forgiveness

  • Acknowledging the harm done
  • Supporting confrontation
  • Difference between forgiveness and reconciliation


Self Care for Counsellors

  • Why its important to care for yourself
  • How to do this
  • Organizations that offer support for survivors

Questions and Answers


Previous clients include:

Association of Christian Counsellors, Annual Conference
Association of Christian Counsellors, Cardiff Training Day
Breaking Free Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service, London
Cambridge University
Elim Church Women’s Group, Northampton
Guildford Rape And Sexual Abuse Support Centre
Hounslow Youth Counselling Service
Lifecentre Counselling and Support Service for Rape and Sexual Abuse Survivors
Lifecentre Networks National Conference
Manna Counselling Service, London
One To One Project, Kings Lynn
Options, Wimbledon Pregnancy Resource Centre
RoSA (Rape or Sexual Abuse Support Services), Rugby
Southampton Therapist Support Network
Sutton Women’s Centre, London
West London Centre for Counselling
Willows Counselling Service, Swindon
Youth Enquiry Service, High Wycombe (Part of “Time To Talk” Bucks)



of people attending our training seminars since 2005 said the seminar fulfilled their expectations



of people attending our training seminars since 2005 rated the Trainers as ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’


Feedback from Services and Seminars have included:

“The training was very good…. and provided thought provoking feelings about own past experiences… I’m very pleased with the outcome”
Centre Manager

“There was a very positive response to the training from our counsellors”
Counselling Service Director

“The trainer’s transparency and knowledge was exemplary”
Conference Attendee

“A Very Professional and Clear Trainer”
Conference Attendee

“An excellent Day’s Training with very positive feedback”
Counselling Service Training Manager

“Handouts were brilliant, indepth and full of good reading for later”
Seminar Delegate

“The Trainer was very good, warm, easy to listen to and follow”
Seminar Delegate

“An insightful day which has not only helped with my work with clients but also my understanding of myself”

“A really excellent day and I am really hard to please I wish all CPD days were as good as this!”

“Brilliant day I feel much more knowledgeable and confident to work with clients”

“Excellent handouts… extremely useful for client work”
Seminar Attendee

“I think this is the best training I have attended in a long time”

“Fantastic handouts all well presented I feel considerably better armed and more confident in dealing with clients”