Into the Light…

offers support, counselling, information and resources around the issues of sexual abuse for those who have been abused and those who support them

Giving information, breaking isolation, sharing experience

Welcome to The Into The Light website.

  • We are a not for profit organisation here to provide support, counselling and resources to you if you are a Survivor of Sexual Abuse or someone who supports a Survivor.
  • We offer a variety of services to Survivors including one to one counselling, psycho-educational courses, workshops and training.
  • We are London based but we also offer services online throughout the UK. Our services are available to adult survivors of all genders.
  • We understand that talking about sexual abuse can be extremely painful but it is our aim to provide you with support, hope and a way through to rebuilding your life.
  • We believe that recovery is possible through giving information, breaking isolation and sharing experience.

Check out our website for information about the core issues of abuse, relating styles and more information about us and how we can support you in your journey towards healing and growth.

“Into The Light helps to turn the lead of abuse into the gold of insight and hope”

Oliver James: Psychologist, Author and TV Presenter

“Before I found Into The Light I didn’t think healing was even possible….”
Into The Light client


Founded in 1993