Relationship help

Into the Light – relationship help

Into the Light – relationship help

Confident dating

If you’ve been abused it takes a lot of courage to think about dating and entering into a close relationship with another person.

However, there are some boundaries you can put in place for yourself to make it a more confident and empowering experience. read more


Making it permanent

Being in a permanent relationship either marriage, living together or as partners is not easy and this can be especially true if you have been abused.

But what should we expect from our partners when we get married or move in together? read more


Just Broken Up?

Breaking up with a partner can be extremely painful. This is especially true if you have suffered abuse and feel like it was a really big risk and took a lot of courage to trust someone into your life. Getting over a break up can take time, support and space. read more


Support Around Sex

We live in a society where sex is high on the agenda. Our media especially can be swamped by images, pictures and illusions to sex. If however you have experienced sexual abuse then sex can be a source of pain, confusion and trauma. Living in a highly sexualised culture means you can feel an outsider to say the least. read more