Next sexual abuse recovery workshop Saturday 9th Nov 2024

Workshop on Sexual Abuse Recovery

“Tackling Triggers Together” A Workshop On Finding Confidence Around Shame, Feeling Overwhelmed, Sexuality, And Loneliness For Survivors Of Sexual Abuse And Their Supporters

This workshop is open both to people who have experienced abuse and their partners and friends as well as counsellors and other professionals.

A relaxed and friendly environment where we will come together to learn, share and support each other.

Next workshop:
The next workshop will be on Saturday 9th November 2024, 2 – 5pm, online
Email for more information and to book your place.


  • Breaking out of isolation and meeting others in a safe space
  • Taking control of triggers and feeling overwhelmed
  • Shutting down shame that’s not ours
  • Understanding our younger self
  • Finding confidence around sexuality
  • Developing healthy relationships after past betrayal
  • Safe for Survivors and Partners
  • Relevant for counsellors/mental health professionals


Here’s a download link for an Adobe Acrobat pdf printable version of the Saturday 9th November 2024 Workshops leaflet.

Into the Light Workshop on sexual abuse London, early bird discount offer

You can get a 25% discount by taking advantage of our Early Bird offer, if you book by 10th October 2024.

Benefits of attending:

  • Break out of isolation and meet others who understand
  • Gain information to help overcome the past
  • Feel supported by both professionals and other survivors
  • Put strategies in place for the future

Please note this workshop does not contain details of past abuse.
Also, we want to be as inclusive as possible but you do need to be in a place of stability to attend this workshop: for more information please email us.

Partners, friends, support workers and counsellors also very welcome.

The workshop is led by a Survivor and all Facilitators are professionally trained in counselling and group facilitation. BACP and ACC ethics apply.

For details of the next workshop please contact us

97% of people attending our workshops since 2008 said that the workshop fulfilled or exceeded their expectations

97% of people attending our workshops since 2008 said that the Facilitators were ‘Good’ ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’

Comments by people who have attended our workshops:

The workshop found the sweet spot between vulnerability and education – I was able to take in new information without becoming emotionally overwhelmed.”

“I found the workshop to be really helpful. Some things resonated long after the workshop took place so I found the experience to be an important step in my healing journey.”

Really exceeded my expectations as I already read a lot and research myself so I wasn’t sure if I would learn anything new but the resources were excellent and the session was so well presented. All presenters were compassionate and made me feel comfortable.

“What an amazing workshop and handbook, providing a wealth of information and oozing with warmth and compassion. I’m feeling like I can not only understand myself better but also breathe better.”

Working with survivors of SA and DV this has been very useful from a professional point of view. But also its been helpful in realising my own reactions to the subjects covered.”

“The team really did strike that balance for deeper understanding and compassion around a really difficult to subject. I know my clients will certainly benefit from my greater understanding following the workshop.”

“The workshop helped me in many different areas of my work including in the LGBTQI+ community and in a psychiatric inpatient hospital with adolescent girls under section, nearly all with experiences of CSA… I was really grateful for your use of gender inclusive language … you made the space safe, powerful and deeply educational”

“I just wanted to say how nice you and the other facilitators made the day, you were all so good at making it feel relaxed and open, non threatening and approachable. I really appreciated that atmosphere….thank you for the hand outs, they were so detailed and useful and it was great to have them to take away”.

“Thank you so much for the excellent workshop…I found it incredibly moving and helpful. I think it’s going to transform the work I am currently doing”

“I found the workshop to be very useful and I am keen to recommend it to many of my clients and friends”

“It is the first time I have ever been in a space in which so many people were gathered for the same reason, and that alone felt powerful.”

“In 2009 I went into one of your workshops and I never forgot it… I kept hold of the handouts… it helped me a lot and I am very grateful… I am now hoping to start my own work for Survivors in Brazil” February 2018

“The workshop helped me and my client find helpful ground in our current work together”

“You were able to put into words the things I have had to overcome”

“My partner’s understanding of my situation was greatly helped”

“The workshop was well-presented and all the facilitators are very warm and caring… The fact that it was shared in a group also made it feels like a less shameful and a more supported process.”

“The speakers were really practised and fluent – they had an excellent grasp of their material, the handouts were excellent, the way workshop was organised was excellent, both before, during and afterwards… it was so sensitively done that I felt really ‘held’ and great warmth from the other participants and connection with them.”

“Into the Light has been good because it stopped me feeling so isolated and normalised the issue … inspirational”

“I now know that I am not alone … when I got home I felt energised and alive”

“It was a really helpful day, and just so good to meet and talk to other survivors”

“I enjoyed the workshop (which I wasn’t expecting to!) and got a lot out of it”

“I found the session helpful in my professional development”