“Let’s Stop The Self Hate”

A Workshop On Tackling:  Shame, Self Loathing, Spacing Out, Sexuality and  Significant Others For  Survivors Of Sexual Abuse And Their Supporters

Date: Saturday 22nd April 2023

Time: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Venue: This workshop will be held on line.

We will be focusing on how being abused may impact certain aspects of how Survivors relate to themselves and others in particular around feelings of self contempt that can often arise when people have experience abuse.  We will also share information and ideas on how we might build healthier a relationship with ourselves and also with those around us.

Workshop Aims include to look at:

  •  Breaking out of isolation and meet others in a safe space
  • Stopping embracing self contempt and self loathing
  • Rejecting shame that is so damaging
  • Understanding “Spacing Out” 
  • Sexuality worries and ways round them
  • How relating to our significant others raises issues
  • Safe for Survivors and partners
  • Relevant for counsellors/mental health professionals

Fees are:  People working: £40 or £30 (Early Bird before 22nd March )

People on a low income: £20.00

The workshop is open to all genders and is run in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with time for sharing and discussion There is no pressure to share though!