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30 Day Marathon To Celebrate 30 Years!!

Sadie and Nicky Two of our Trustees are embarking on an incredible challenge to Fund Raise for Into The Light. Starting on 1st of October they will be setting out to complete This is an awe-inspiring challenge and we know that they will smash it – and also look fabulous […]


Thirty Years And Counting Of Working With Survivors In 1993 when Whitney Houston was topping the charts with “I Will Always Love You” I co-started a project for Survivors of sexual abuse. That was 30 years ago and I am still heavily involved and wearing heavier make up! The project […]

“Let’s Stop The Self Hate”

A Workshop On Tackling:  Shame, Self Loathing, Spacing Out, Sexuality and  Significant Others For  Survivors Of Sexual Abuse And Their Supporters Date: Saturday 22nd April 2023 Time: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm Venue: This workshop will be held on line. We will be focusing on how being abused may impact certain […]

Into The Light Christmas Letter: A Look Back At 2022

We would like to wish you a Happy Christmas after another challenging year for many of us with the tail end of COVID impacting many of our group members and clients as well as our Counsellors and with the rising cost of living impacting many of us  However, we are […]

Marathon For Into The Light!

We are very excited that Sarah Gilbert is undertaking the Brighton Marathon to raise funds for us at Into The Light. This will be on 12 September so please do sponsor her if you can. The money raised will go towards supporting Survivors of Rape and Sexual Abuse in their […]

Christmas Wishes From Into The Light

We are just taking this opportunity as it is Christmas time  to send you our thoughts from the Into The Light Team in this blog. We are aware that the Christmas season can be a time of mixed feelings and memories and some emotions can be particularly strong. In this […]

Life After Lockdown: A New Beginning?

As lockdown for some of us is easing, it does not come without risk. Survivors may feel that given the past trauma where trust has been betrayed,  risk in itself can feel extra worrying and it may take us longer to be able to trust that the risks we are being encouraged […]

Hello Covid19 – An Abuser and a Friend…

Firstly, I want to start with compassion for those you have taken – did you need to be so cruel ? You have caused pain and grief beyond, gaps for love ones that will never be filled. You have placed fear in people’s hearts causing distress as you invisibly traumatise […]

Further support for survivors

During the coronavirus emergency: staying safe and sane in the shutdown Here’s more lockdown advice and suggestions for survivors during the coronavirus emergency, following on from our previous lockdown advice ‘During The Coronavirus Emergency’. We are now two months into the lockdown and we wanted give you a few more […]

During The Coronavirus Emergency

Support For Survivors We are especially aware that Survivors of sexual abuse and violence may have faced times of powerlessness and isolation in the past and the sense of lack of control and loneliness may be even more acute at this extreme and unprecedented time. We have come up with […]

Into The Light Christmas Newsletter 2019

Hello Everyone! We would like to wish you a Very Happy Christmas, This has been a busy year for us and we are so grateful for all the support we have had from everyone who has helped us or contributed to our work in some way. Over 540 people this […]

Into the Light blog

We’re starting an Into the Light blog to share information and stories around sexual abuse, that we hope will be helpful for our website visitors. We’ll be covering subjects like shame, taking control of sex after sexual abuse and boundaries.