Workshop on Sexual Abuse Recovery

“Let it Go: Break Free from Shame, Secrecy, Relationship Difficulties and Sexual Confusion after Sexual Abuse”

This workshop is open both to people who have experienced abuse and their partners and friends as well as counsellors and other professionals.
A relaxed and friendly environment where we will come together to learn, share and support each other.

Next workshop:
Our next workshop is on Saturday 4th November 2017 in London
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more information and to book your place


We will be looking at:

• Understanding fear of speaking out about abuse: what stops us?
• Carrying the shame of abuse: how to let it go
• Anger turned inward anger turned outward: express it healthily
• Anxiety about sex: how to increase intimacy
• Our brain: understanding the impact of abuse neurologically
• Communicating with friends and partners: rediscovering trust


Benefits of attending:

• Break out of isolation and meet others who understand
• Gain information to help overcome the past
• Feel supported by both professionals and other survivors
• Put strategies in place for the future

This workshop contains no graphic details of past abuse.

The workshop is led by a Survivor and all Facilitators are professionally trained in counselling and group facilitation. BACP and ACC ethics apply.

For details of the next workshop please contact us

97% of people attending our workshops since 2008 said that the workshop fulfilled or exceeded their expectations
97% of people attending our workshops since 2008 said that the Facilitators were ‘Good’ ‘Very Good’  or ‘Excellent’


Comments by people who have attended our workshops:

“The workshop helped me and my client find helpful ground in our current work together”

“You were able to put into words the things I have had to overcome”

“My partner’s understanding of my situation was greatly helped”

“Into the Light has been good because it stopped me feeling so isolated and normalised the issue … inspirational”

“I now know that I am not alone … when I got home I felt energized and alive”

“It was a really helpful day, and just so good to meet and talk to other survivors”

“I enjoyed the workshop (which I wasn’t expecting to!) and got a lot out of it”

“I found the session helpful in my professional development”