Monthly Archives: March 2018

Escaping Into Fantasy ….To Protect From Pain

Hiding from the abuse takes effort – blocking it out of our minds means that we are not living in true reality because it is too painful – which means we have to live in denial or unreality and may enter into fantasy and escapism. Fantasy is the classic way […]

Shame: Give It Back: It Really Isn’t Yours To Carry

Way Out Of Shame When we start to make our way out of shame our relationships  and lives have a much better chance of being fulfilling and open. Victims of sexual abuse often look back at the situation and think I could/should have done something. It is very important to […]

Taking Control of Sex After Sexual Abuse

  Perhaps not surprisingly if you have experienced sexual abuse or violation, sex itself can be extremely confusing and perhaps even emotionally and physically painful.  There is so much to say about this but we would like to share some of our learning with you that could be helpful. During […]