Good books

Good books on sexual abuse


Abuse and Survival: A Fact File

Dr Nicola Madge
(The Prince’s Trust)


Betrayal of Innocence – Incest and Its Devastation

Susan Forward and Craig Buck (Penguin)


Child Sexual Abuse – A Hope For Healing*

Maxine Hancock and Karen Burton Mains
(Highland Books)


The Counsellors Guide to Parks Inner Child Therapy

Penny Parks
(Souvenir Press)


Courage To Heal

Eileen Bass & Laura Davis


Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse*

Lynn Heiretter and Jeanette Vought
(Bethany House Publishers)


Porky: (A Novel About Sexual Abuse)

Deborah Moggach


Rescuing The Inner Child

Penny Parks
(Souvenir Press)


Victims No Longer: The Classic Guide For Men Recovering From Sexual Abuse

Mike Lew
(Harper Paperbacks)


The Wounded Heart*

Dan Allender
(Nav Press )


The Wounded Heart Workbook*

Dan Allender
(Nav Press)


* Contains some Christian content